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Bless you for your generosity of Time, Talent and Treasure

Despite COVID-19 and its variants still in our midst, St. Peter Lutheran Church has been offering live, in-person worship on Sundays while doing our best to stay safe and follow recommended CDC guidelines. We continue to offer online, live Sunday worship as well as recorded options on Facebook and You Tube. God invites His children to bring their best, the first fruits of their lives and their work to sustain those who serve the congregation and to sustain the congregation's ability to help people. We are to bring an offering, to return to God a portion of what we have been given. Being faithful to your tithing will help our church continue to reach out to our congregation and our community through worship and ministry. Here are a few ways you can support St. Peter Lutheran Church:

1. If you join us in-person on Sundays, you may place your offering in the offering plate located just inside the church.

2.  You can mail in your offering to the church office at: 3000 Ninth St., Bay City, TX 77414

3. You can drop off your offering at the church using the locked, metal mail box in the front of the church to the left of the wooden doors on Ninth St.


You can also help the church every time you purchase from Amazon just by clicking this link a % of your order will help fund our church. Click the link below: will donate to St. Peter based on your sales receipt total.

It’s simple. Log in to your Amazon account at the Amazon Smile page