Another way of saying "What is God up to here?"

Mission is God's work, first and foremost. It comes from the Latin word for sending. We are sent into the world to share the good news of God's grace wherever we go.

Mission is worship; worship is mission

What happens in worship is real! It's not merely ideas or memories.  It is in worship that we experience God present in the assembled Body of Christ, in the Word written and proclaimed, and in the sacraments.   In worship we receive the gift of God's own presence.  In worship we hear God's own words of forgiveness, life, and salvation.   In worship we give ourselves, our time, and our possessions to God for God's purposes.  Through worship God sends us into the world.  Because God is truly present with us, transforming our lives , we are equipped to go forward into our everyday lives bringing God's transforming words of forgiveness, life, and salvation to a world dying to hear them. 

Who are we?

If you're new to Matagorda County/Bay City...so were many of us. Our members are not all Bay City or Matagorda County natives.  We know what it's like to search out and find a new faith home, to feel like the someone outside the circle.  Our student pastors come from Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa. Our members are longtime residents and transplants from all over, yet all of us were called and gathered into St. Peter to worship God and serve him in our vocations, or daily callings.  Here you'll find teachers, factory workers and managers, medical professionals, former military servicemembers, small and family business owners, and law enforcement officers, just to name a few, as well as those retired from or even just starting their careers.  At St. Peter we trust God to come be with us to equip us through Word and sacraments to share God's love with our neighbors wherever we go...even on the internet.

St. Peter was founded in 1949 to serve the communities of Matagorda County.  Our sanctuary, or worship space, was built in 1959 and within ten years the education wing and fellowship hall were added.  In 1994 the main entrance, offices, and new classrooms were added. 

What's this Vicar business?

Since August 2019, St. Peter has been a teaching congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. That means that the congregation is served by vicars (student pastors serving their internships). The vicar is supervised by Rev. Pedro "Pete" Lopez, the pastor of our sister congregation, St. John's Lutheran Church in Angleton. They work closely with Pastor Pete and lay leaders at St. Peter, and get the chance to learn about the ministry life the best way--by serving!

Want to be part of this congregation?

Faith is an everyday thing that is lived out in our countless interactions with others and God's creation.  We're grateful for the opportunity to share faith and life with you and so you're welcome to join St. Peter when you're ready.  We encourage folks, and especially new members, to be in conversation about their faith with the pastor/intern as well as to participate in our learning opportunities.  Sharing your faith and learning about faith side-by-side with other believers while studying the Bible strengthens and encourages all. 

Want to be baptized?

At St. Peter we like to say that baptism is the most important thing that ever happened to you, because that is the day that God equipped you with the Holy Spirit, marked you as God's own child, and gave you the gifts of faith, forgiveness, and eternal life. If you have not been baptized once before and are hearing God's calling in your life, please contact us to help you prepare for this joyful time. 

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